CoolPaintrVR Trophy List

How To Use
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Complete all trophies.
Move Arty frantically until he gets dizzy.
Create 3 different scenes (but you can create even more!).
Paint an scene as large as the Sixtine Chapel.
Complete all brush related trophies.
Use the flat brush until your hand hurts!
Use the marker to the fullest!
To become a Van Gogh-level artist, you have to use the liquid brush extensively.
Complete all tube related trophies.
Use more tubes than a plumber.
Triangles have incredible arithmetic properties, don't hesitate to use them!
Do you know about the golden number? Use square tubes and find the perfect proportion.
Are you capable of using as many hexagonal tubes as the bees in their honeycombs?
Complete all the solid-related trophies.
Get crazier with cylinders than Archimedes did.
Use more cubes than Rubik.
Build more Pyramids than a Pharaoh.
Create as many spheres as bubbles in the ocean.
Make more rings than a goldsmith.
Create more organic shapes than a puppeteer.
Use the potter's wheel more than the god Jnum.
Use the dropper until the Louvre gets dry.
Be as pointillist as Georges Pierre Seurat.
With so many particles this looks like a magic show!
Symmetry is perfection. Use it without hesitation.
How big is the world for a giant? and for someone tiny? Find out with the magnifier!
Complete all material-related trophies.
Hey Mate! You have to use a lot the matte!
Use the shiny material extensively and dazzle everyone with your creations!
More neons than "Las Vegas"