Constructor Trophy List

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Win all other trophies
Build 100 properties
Build a commission on the original hardcore difficulty
Earn 100,000 in rent during a calendar year
Have a worker knock out 5 enemy workers without dying
Produce a fully weaponized Gangster
Upgrade all Resources in one game
Play all maps for at least a year each
10 or more simultaneous complaining tenants
Picket 3 rival resources simultaneously
Build your first commission
Produce a Super-tenant
Have a single tenant produce 7 children
Capture 3 rival properties
Cause infestation of 3 properties on Upper Colon estate
Have 3 or more tenants with positive moods on one estate
Get 5 police officers patrolling
Produce 3 Gangsters
Pay $50,000 in Tax Bills
Fully stock all types of resources
Accomplish a council mission
Solve your first tenant complaint and be rewarded
Create your first Gangster Bribe
Install a top of the range computer in a property owned by the Major
Upgrade all rooms in one property
Maximise the efficiency of a foreman's work force
Start an undesired house party
Cause a foreman to retire . . . permanently
Get your first inmate
Upgrade a Resource
Have a guard dog protect a property
Destroy an Undesirable Building
Evicting your 5th tenant in one game
Build 5 estates with 100% land usage