Construction Simulator 2 US – Console Edition Trophy List

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All Challenges mastered.
Find all locations in the game.
Drive a total of 20 km.
Drive a total of 100 km.
Drive 25 km with any tracked vehicle
Play for 24 hours.
Earn 2000000 with construction jobs.
You have 5000000 in your account.
You have 10000000 in your account.
Buy a vehicle.
Buy a trailer.
Buy 30 vehicles.
Buy 40 vehicles.
Rent a vehicle.
Store a vehicle.
Complete 30 tutorials.
Complete 50 jobs.
Complete 150 jobs.
Pay a one-time fine of 500 for speeding.
Pay a total fine of 22222 for speeding.
Collect 100 medals.
Collect all medals.
Complete the introduction tutorial.
Abort a tutorial.
Activate all skills in one branch.
Activate all skills.
Get your vehicle loaded automatically.
Jump 100 times from one place to another.
Unlock the district Sunny Hills.
Unlock the district Westgate.
Unlock the district Northridge.
Reach Level 20.
Complete 100 crane jobs.
Complete 100 digging jobs.
Complete 100 flattening jobs.
Complete 100 concrete jobs.
Complete 25 roadworks jobs.
Spend a night without lights.
Spend some time at home
Drive across 2 red traffic lights within 15 seconds.
Drive at 90 km/h or more.
Try to escape from the tutorial area.
Buy vehicles from 5 different manufacturers.
Complete "Westgate Mall", "The Northridge Philharmonic”, and "Museum of Interesting Things”
Complete "Kirsten's Feel Good Diner".
Jump 75 meter(s) using any vehicle without crashing.