Comet Crash 2 Trophy List

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Complete the Training level.
Kulin Comet 1: Build 40 Scouts.
Play ten online games in 1V1 or 2V2 mode.
Kulin Comet 3: Force enemy units to take the long route to your base.
Harvest a Zoid from a special type of rock.
Use a Zoid on a building to speed up unit production or increase weapon strength.
Kulin Comet 4: Defeat the Kronkoid.
Kulin Comet 7: Create a shortcut into the enemy base using the enemy's Gateway.
Fully power up a green rock and harvest it to receive bonus Thorium.
Bojja Comet 1: Stop all enemy production of Special Ops units.
Olorune Comet 1: Defeat the enemy using only Scouts.
Play thirty online games in 1V1 or 2V2 mode.
Campaign: Attack with at least 200 Scouts after upgrading them at the Research building.
Campaign: Destroy 4 Kronkoids on your journey to collect 5 Zoid slots.
Campaign: Destroy 9 Kronkoids on your journey to collect 10 Zoid slots.