Collar×Malice Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
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You earned all trophies.
You cleared the prologue.
You entered a character specific route.
You obtained information at Shinjuku police station.
You explored a specific location.
You deduced the correct answer.
You incorrectly deduced an answer.
You politely returned a message.
You reached your first bad ending.
You succeeded in Trigger Mode.
You failed in Trigger Mode.
You gained Kei Okazaki's trust.
You cleared Kei Okazaki's route.
You gained Mineo Enomoto's trust.
You cleared Mineo Enomoto's route.
You gained Takeru Sasazuka's trust.
You cleared Takeru Sasazuka's route.
You gained Kageyuki Shiraishi's trust.
You cleared Kageyuki Shiraishi's route.
You gained Aiji Yanagi's trust.
You exposed the mastermind.
You cleared Aiji Yanagi's route.
You reached all 5 tragic love endings.
You cleared Saeki's route.
You experienced Tomoki Ogata's justice.
You experienced Hanako Kobayashi's crazed love.
You experienced Akito Sera's guilt.
You experienced Rika Sugawara's fear.
You experienced Manabu Souda's solitude.
You experienced Shion and Suzune Uno's hatred.
You experienced Keisuke Sanjo's despair.
You experienced Rei Mikuni's blind faith.
You viewed the perpetrators' pasts.
You unlocked everything in the gallery.
You got all of the Bonus Tracks.
You listened to all the BGM tracks.
You viewed all endings in the game, including the bad ones.