Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies
Clear the Prologue
Clear Chapter 1
Clear Chapter 2
Clear Chapter 3
Clear Chapter 4
Clear Chapter 5
Clear Chapter 6
Clear Chapter 7
Clear Chapter 8
Start Van Helsing's route
Start Victor's route
Start Impey's route
Start Saint-Germain's route
Clear Van Helsing's route
Clear Victor's route
Clear Impey's route
Clear Saint-Germain's route
Start Lupin's route
Clear Lupin's route
Unlock all Van Helsing images
Unlock all Victor images
Unlock all Impey images
Unlock all Saint-Germain images
Unlock all Lupin images
Unlock all non-character images
See everyone's extra scenes
Fill the Glossary
Complete the Path of Genesis
See everyone's True Endings
See all ending movies
Collect all images