Class of Heroes 2G Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Completed all school trophies
Complete Crostini Academy Campus Tour
Participate in Sports Festival
Take Practical Exam 1
Participate in the Culture Festival
Submit to Practical Exam 2
Succeed in Drive to Panini
Arrive at Bruschetta Academy
Participate in Martial Arts Tournament
Clear up Coppa's Issues
Visit the Other World
Liberate Mashlenia
Retake Lanzlet
Retake Yamhath
Save the Hostages
Take Payne Out and Save the World
Challenge a God and Win
Amass 100,000G
Amass 1,000,000G
Use a Party Attack
Create One or More Students of Every Race
Create a Student in Every Class
Donate in the Clinic
Assign More Than 40 Bonus Points (BP)
Explore all of Beginner's Brush
Explore at least 50% of Tohath Labyrinth
Explore All Labyrinths Completely
Open Every Treasure Chest
Kill 500 Monsters
Kill 10,000 Monsters
Obliterate 50,000 Monsters
Bring an NPC into a Exploration Party
Clear Additional Quests & Defeat Boss on 10th Floor of the Dark Gate
Experience Being Mostly Dead
Experience Reincarnation
Collect More Than 500 Items