Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! Trophy List

Platdun Returns: You Did It! Platdun Returns: You Did It!
Obtain all trophies for Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku!
Newbie's First Dungeon Newbie's First Dungeon
Clear Chapter 1: Anegawa.
Magic Circle Novice Magic Circle Novice
Complete the Magic Circle tutorial.
Chapter 1 Cleared! Chapter 1 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 1 stages.
Chapter 2 Cleared! Chapter 2 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 2 stages.
Chapter 3 Cleared! Chapter 3 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 3 stages.
Chapter 4 Cleared! Chapter 4 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 4 stages.
Chapter 5 Cleared! Chapter 5 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 5 stages.
Chapter 6 Cleared! Chapter 6 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 6 stages.
Chapter 7 Cleared! Chapter 7 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 7 stages.
Chapter 8 Cleared! Chapter 8 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 8 stages.
Chapter 9 Cleared! Chapter 9 Cleared!
Clear Chapter 9 stages.
Vocation Vacation Vocation Vacation
Switch jobs.
The Grind Begins The Grind Begins
Play a Neo-geon or Tri-geon for the first time.
Speed Runner Speed Runner
Update Clear Time for the first time.
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted
Register in Rankings for the first time.
Soul Mate Soul Mate
Release and recruit a soul for the first time.
Well Traveled Well Traveled
Clear all stages in the story.
Conqueror Conqueror
Clear all EX stages.
Letter of Recommendation Letter of Recommendation
Level a character from 1 to 99.
Only The Best Will Do Only The Best Will Do
Obtain equipment in a dungeon that has 4 titles.
My Precious My Precious
Obtain a rare artifact in a dungeon.
Ally of Justice Ally of Justice
Recruit all Lords.
Impregnable Impregnable
Expand a fort to its maximum.
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Complete every entry in the Bestiary.
Serving the Community Serving the Community
Complete all quests in the suggestion box.
Neo-geon Navigator Neo-geon Navigator
Clear the 99th floor of a Neo-geon.
Tri-geon Traveller Tri-geon Traveller
Clear the 99th floor of a Tri-geon.
Magic Circle Master Magic Circle Master
Have a character learn every Magic Circle.
Master-of-all-Trades Master-of-all-Trades
Have a character reach LV 99 in every job.
You Must Have a Death Wish You Must Have a Death Wish
Unlock Death-geons.
World Famous World Famous
Increase your Fame to 999.