Cities: Skylines Trophy List

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Acquire all the other Trophies
Have a population of 40 in your city
Purchase a new map tile for the first time
Have a look at all the different info-view panels
Use the district tool to draw 3 districts
Apply a policy to a district you created
Unlock all city services
Unlock Monuments
Build the Medical Center Monument
Build the Hadron Collider Monument
Build the Space Elevator Monument
Build the Eden Project Monument
Build the Fusion Power Plant Monument
Unlock every single building in the game
Have a population of 100,000 in your city
Have more than 10 districts with unique policies
Have 20 transport lines
Have 50 transport lines
Have a Citizen educated to level 3 from 0
Have 15% happiness
Earn 15,000 per week
Inspect a police building 50 times in a row
Have more than 95% city happiness for 5 years
Have the city survive a crime rate of over 40% for 2 years
Have 5 Fire Stations
Have 5 Police Headquarters
Fill five landfill sites
No water or ground pollution in a city of over 10,000 residents
Have over 70% of citizens highly educated in a city of over 10,000 people
Have an area the size of nine map tiles
Keep the crime rate under 10% for 4 years straight
Have the industry tax rate over 5% higher than either residential tax rate for one year
Have both residential tax rates over 5% higher than industry for one year
Experience 1001 nights in the game
Have 1000 squares of leisure specialized commerical zone
Have 1000 squares of beach specialized commerical zone
Have 15 Prisons in the city