Chroma Squad Trophy List

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Get all the trophies
Execute a Finishing Move with basic attacks
Get maximum audience on a single episode.
Defeat a Boss with a Finishing Move
Sign a Marketing Agency for 3 weeks
Complete Season 1
Craft an Uncommon item
Defeat a Kaiju with a Mecha Finishing Move
Upgrade your Studio to level 2
Craft a Mecha Upgrade
Complete a Season with Excellent performance
Craft a Rare item
Complete Season 2
Knockdown a Kaiju on the first turn
Complete Season 3
Defeat a Kaiju with the help of your fans
Activate all available Marketing Actions
Complete all Director Instructions before Season 2
Craft an Alien item
Complete Season 4
Upgrade your Studio to level 3
Execute a Finishing Move with Weapon attacks
Craft a Legendary item
Complete Season 5
Defeat Lord Gaga for the third time
Reach Combo 9 with your Mecha
Your squad is now bigger!
Buy all Upgrades
Complete the game on Casual difficulty
You didn't think we would let him run the show, would you?
Complete the game with a new friend who finds redemption.
Complete the game on Interesting difficulty
Get help from outer space
You broke the TV's heart.
Complete the game with the peacekeepers of the Universe
Honor the Ahbo family
Complete the game with time travel and space trains
Beaver loves the TV!
Spend $90.001 on the Shop
Complete the game on Challenging difficulty
See all endings in the game.
Complete 100 or more episodes in campaign mode.
Complete the prologue