Children of Zodiarcs Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Ransack the Noble's tower
Complete “Story Mission 4” without reaching the exit
Escape the assault on the Orphanage
Complete “Story Mission 5” without reaching the exit
Complete “Story Mission 6” without reaching the exit
Complete “Story Mission 8” before turn 7
Complete “Story Mission 9” without reaching the exit
KINDERGUARD UNIT 01001010-01001011-2b-01000001-01000010
He promised them a live one...
Down, boy.
Complete “Story Mission 16” without reaching the exit
Meet the Peacocks
...but I've kinda gotten attached to it...
Defeat Lord Zulta, heirless Master of Coin, before he gets away in “Story Mission 19”
Complete “Story Mission 19” before turn 11
A promise to keep...
Complete the game on Hard difficulty
Complete “Side Mission 3” without reaching the exit
The joyous reunion of old friends
Give the audience what they paid for
Complete the Arena of Xin on Hard difficulty
Craft 20 dice symbols
Craft 5 Lighting symbols
Equip any hero with three level 2 dice
Equip any hero with six level 6 dice
Complete 10 Skirmishes
Complete 5 Elite Skirmishes
Share moments of quiet with everyone
Edit the decks of 3 different heroes
Trigger an “If Shrouded” Card effect
Trigger an “If Guardian” Card effect
Trigger an “If Overcharged” Card effect
Play 7 Cards in a row with the same character
Perform 10 Backstabs in the same playthrough
Throw 17 dice in a single roll
Get 10 Star symbols through Rerolling in the same playthrough
Complete a battle without being Counter-Attacked by an enemy
Complete the game without any heroes dying in battle