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Mastered Chaos;Child
Started Chapter 1
Started Chapter 2
Started Chapter 3
Started Chapter 4
Started Chapter 5
Started Chapter 6
Started Chapter 7
Started Chapter 8
Started Chapter 9
Started Chapter 10
Started Chapter 11
Discovered Nono Kurusu’s Chapter
Discovered Hinae Arimura’s Chapter
Discovered Uki Yamazoe’s Chapter
Discovered Hana Kazuki’s Chapter
Discovered the True Route
Reached the Over Sky End
Reached the Real Sky End
Reached the Dark Sky End
Reached the Dream Sky End
Reached the Deep Sky End
Reached the Silent Sky End
Didn’t Get Scared, and Tried a Delusion Trigger
Saw All Positive Delusions
Saw All Negative Delusions
Tried All Delusion Triggers
Made No Mistakes When Putting Up The Data
Got It Wrong On a Mapping Trigger 20 Times
Reached the Bad End
An Amazing Wind Blew
Saw All Event CG
Saw All TIPS
Listened to All Sound