Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers Trophy List

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Defeat the final boss!
Complete 5 different levels in hardcore mode.
Defeat 3 different bosses in infernal mode.
Visit all the rooms and bonus rooms.
Collect a Call of Buddies with each main hero.
Complete all levels in multiplayer mode.
Destroy 100 magic shields without using Steven.
Unlock each hero's Strong Attack, Super Power and Assist Power.
Destroy 3 objects with Clarence's Jetpack without landing, 10 times.
Attract a stunned enemy with Finn & Jake 30 times.
Remove the Stench effect from 5 enemies with a single attack, 10 times.
Defeat 5 enemies with a single attack from Steven's Rose Cannon, 10 times.
Push back 50 Pufferfish with Rigby & Mordecai's Power Chord.
Travel 8 km with Uncle Grandpa's Air Head.