Carmageddon: Max Damage Trophy List

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Complete Your Trophy Collection!
Complete the Mile Muncher Mission
Wreck your first Opponent
Complete the Ped Popper Mission
Complete the They Don't Like It Up 'Em Mission
Complete the Split Personality Mission
Kill 50 targeted Peds in Ped Chase
Wreck 100 Opponents in Car Crusher
Complete 60 Laps in Death Race
Hit 100 Checkpoints in Checkpoint Stampede
Be the Fox for half an hour in Fox 'n' Hounds
Complete the Hotwiring Hotstuff Mission
Complete the MultiSlayer Mission
Finish a Classic Carma Event by Completing all the Laps
Finish a Classic Carma Event by Wrecking all the Opponents
Finish a Classic Carma Event by Killing all the Peds
Get a x10 Ped Kill Combo
Achieve 60 Cunning Stunts
Collect 55 Smelly Bushes
Finish one Classic Carma Event in all three ways
Achieve a Suck My Parts or Collateral Damage Bonus
Complete the Up Your Carma Mission
Complete the MP MegaPeep Mission
Complete 63 different Career Events on any Difficulty
Unlock Chapter 2 in the Career
Unlock Chapter 10 in the Career
Buy and Equip 12 Parts in the Parts Shop for one Car
Customise your car by visiting the Parts Shop and buying a part
Complete the Bulging Purse Mission
Kill 16,666 Peds
Complete the tutorial. You swot