Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Trophy List

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Complete your first quest
Refill the water jug and put it back in place before you go out to play with your friends.
Convince Razzo to help you sneak into the Governor's map room on your first attempt.
Resolve the puzzle of Tanner's statue
Bring together the two pieces of the strange egg to have a vision of the evil presence haunting Hollow Island
Save Thomas and Elizabeth Briscoe from their burning house on your first attempt
Help Alessandro overcome the loss of his wife and restore his taste for life
Find Uncle Eduardo and bring him to Alessandro
Complete all minigames without cheating a single time
Refund Alessandro the doubloons he leant you
Make a wish and have it fulfilled
Talk to every single character in the game
Return to Nell to give her news from Bobby and tell Bobby about Nell's feelings