Capcom Arcade Cabinet Trophy List

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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
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Unlock a picture in the Gallery.
Set a new record on the High Score table.
Clear a game.
Clear a game without using any Continues.
Clock in 2 hours of playing time.
Clock in 10 hours of playing time.
Clock in 50 hours of playing time.
Defeat the Blue Dragon. (BLACK TIGER)
Defeat the Black Dragon. (BLACK TIGER)
Defeat 100 enemies. (AVENGERS)
Defeat Geshita. (AVENGERS)
Score a 100% destruction rate against Ayako mother bombers. (1943)
Sink the Battleship Yamato. (1943)
Find a Shield in a pot. (GHOSTS'N GOBLINS)
Defeat Astaroth. (GHOSTS'N GOBLINS)
Defeat Fatman Joe. (GUN. SMOKE)
Defeat the Wingate family. (GUN. SMOKE)
Infiltrate Section O. (SECTION Z)
Destroy the L-brain. (SECTION Z)
Destroy 500 enemies. (SIDE ARMS)
Defeat the final boss, Bahamut Centipede. (SIDE ARMS)
Clear Stage Three. (LEGENDARY WINGS)
Destroy the supercomputer known as “Dark.” (LEGENDARY WINGS)
Clear Stage Three. (TROJAN)
Defeat Achilles. (TROJAN)
Clear Stage Four. (COMMANDO)
Clear Stage Eight. (COMMANDO)
Notch up a Stage Clear Bonus of 2,000 points or more. (The Speed Rumbler)
Reach the end of Zap Town and clear the game. (The Speed Rumbler)
Defeat Tricross. (SAVAGE BEES)
Destroy a group of three Great Devils without escaping. (SONSON)
Earn the Buddha’s blessing. (SONSON)
Find a Starfish in a flashing barrel. (PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU)
Find a Squid in a flashing barrel. (PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU)
Score a 100% destruction rate. (1942)
Defeat the enemy and put an end to the war. (1942)