Cannon Brawl Trophy List

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All Trophies Collected.
Defeat the enemy warship boss in Campaign mode.
Defeat the enemy airship boss in Campaign mode.
Defeat the enemy robot boss in Campaign mode.
Defeat Insane AI in Battle vs. AI mode without using shields.
Win against the Insane AI by selecting the warhead as your only attack building (Banks count as an attack build).
Reflect your laser off an enemy shield to damage another enemy building.
Reflect your laser off two enemy shields to damage another enemy building.
Build 250 buildings.
Destroy 250 buildings.
Rank up to Ensign.
Rank up to Lieutenant.
Rank up to Commander.
Rank up to Captain.
Rank up to Vice Admiral.
Rank up to Admiral.
Rank up to Grand Admiral.
Damage Shield Towers 5 times by shooting around their shields.
Upgrade buildings 10 times.
Drop the enemy HQ in the water.
Complete the campaign on nightmare mode. You did it!
Defeat the enemy warship on nightmare mode.
Defeat the enemy airship on nightmare mode.
Destroy 4 buildings during one blasting of the Flame Thrower.
Earn 57 medals.
Destroy 500 buildings.
Destroy 1000 buildings.
Destroy 5000 buildings
Build 500 buildings.
Build 1000 buildings.
Build 5000 buildings.
Win a ranked game.
Win a total of 20 ranked games.
Win a total of 100 ranked games.
Win 5 ranked games in a row.
Reach 1500 rating in ranked games.