Candle Trophy List

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Collect all trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.
Your journey is just beginning...
Think carefully how to protect yourself from that rock.
Escape from a chasing Wakcha.
Use the light burst power of your candle to unveil a hidden painting
Complete Act 1.
Jump over a Wakcha.
Monkeys don't want to be disturbed.
I'm sure this is not what you wanted to do here...
Jumping is not always possible.
Complete Act 2.
This rings a bell...
Remember to turn off your candle while you are hidden.
Your candle is not THAT powerful
Ignite all the fire spots throughout the adventure.
A mother always protects her children.
Fall into the same trap twice.
Fire is not always your ally.
Drop from a high spot and stay alive.
Try to confront the monster on your own
Win the game and do not lose more than 1 token.
Survive underwater for over a minute.
Complete Act 3.
Spread the blue fire as much as possible.