Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Trophy List

Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
This Time for Real This Time for Real
Give it to them straight about your meeting with Pat Garrett.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Into the Sunset Into the Sunset
Forgive your lifetime nemesis.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Violence Begets Violence Violence Begets Violence
Kill your lifetime nemesis honorably in a duel.
Unvarnished Truth Unvarnished Truth
Collect all Nuggets of Truth.
The Tally The Tally
Complete all Arcade missions.
Magnificent Three Magnificent Three
Score the maximum of 3 stars in any Arcade mission.
Legend Among Legends Legend Among Legends
Get all Arcade Mode stars.
For a Few Skills More For a Few Skills More
Unlock all skills in Story Mode.
Perseverance Perseverance
Unlock both exclusive weapons in a single category of skills in Story Mode.
Trick Shot Trick Shot
Kill a bird during a winning duel.
Quality Time Quality Time
Fight in Concentration for 15 minutes.
Ungrateful Ungrateful
Shoot a flying stick of dynamite and the one who threw it on a single Concentration.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
For Massive Damage For Massive Damage
Shoot through a hole to kill an enemy that hides behind a shield.
Turkey Shoot Turkey Shoot
Reach combo level of 20.
Grows In The Telling Grows In The Telling
Complete the Story on hard difficulty.
True Story True Story
Find all Nuggets of Truth in a single mission.
Keep At It Keep At It
Unlock a skill.