Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Trophy List

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Earn all available Trophies for Call of Duty® Black Ops: Declassified.
Start Operations mode on any difficulty.
Kill 4 enemies with a single grenade in any Operation.
Melee 5 enemies in a row in any Operation.
Perform 10 head shots in a row in any Operation.
Destroy 20 total cars in Operations mode.
Melee 100 total enemies in Operations mode.
Kill 10 enemies in less than 5 seconds in any Operation.
Kill 4 enemies who are stunned by a Flashbang Grenade in any Operation.
Kill 5 enemies by sticking Semtex to each one in any Operation.
Kill 15 enemies with RPG in ‘Three Point Landing’ Operation.
Complete ‘Escort Service’ Operation without reloading.
Kill 10 enemies with Ballistic Knife melee attack in ‘Rocket's Red Glare’ Operation.
Complete ‘Rocket's Red Glare’ Operation without taking damage.
Complete ‘Active Measures’ Operation without using Night Vision Goggles.
Perform 10 head shots with the .357 Magnum in ‘OPS M.I.A.’ Operation.
Kill 8 enemies with 4 or fewer bullets in ‘OPS M.I.A.’ Operation.
Complete ‘OPS M.I.A.’ Operation with 100% accuracy.
Kill 3 enemies with Mortar Strike in ‘Air Traffic Control’ Operation.
Save all Analysts in ‘Air Traffic Control’ Operation.
Plant C4 in less than 60 seconds in ‘Self Destructive’ Operation.
Kill 2 scientists with a single grenade in ‘Self Destructive’ Operation.
Kill all scientists with head shots in ‘Self Destructive’ Operation.
Complete ‘Got Your Back’ Operation with only a handgun.
Shoot 10 stacks of cocaine in ‘Hostile Takeover’ Operation.
Kill both bosses with head shots in ‘Hostile Takeover’ Operation.
Kill Torres with a melee attack in ‘Hostile Takeover’ Operation.
Knife 10 stacks of cocaine in ‘Hostile Takeover’ Operation.
Complete all Operations on any difficulty.
Complete all Time Trial missions on any difficulty.
Survive to wave 13 in Hostiles mode.
Earn 3 stars in each Operation.
Earn 3 stars in each Time Trial mission.
Earn 3 stars in each Hostiles mission.