Cabela's North American Adventure Trophy List

Master of the Hunt Master of the Hunt
Unlocked all Trophies
Accomplished Hunter Accomplished Hunter
Finished the Career on Pro Hunter difficulty setting
The Good Hunter The Good Hunter
Finished the Career on Sportsman difficulty setting
Perk Expert Perk Expert
Used at least 8 different Perks against opponents in an Online Match
Gun Expert Gun Expert
All your rifles and shotguns in the Gun Locker are made up from unlocked parts
Gun Collector Gun Collector
Unlocked all custom gun parts in the game
Rifleman Rifleman
Downed 10 Big Game Trophies with a Custom Rifle
Shotgun Expert Shotgun Expert
Downed 50 animals using a Custom Shotgun
Objective Oriented Objective Oriented
Completed 3 collected objectives in Online Matches
Marksman Marksman
Finished an Online Match with at least 70% Accuracy
Shooting Galleries Expert Shooting Galleries Expert
Obtained Gold medals for all Courses in the Shooting Galleries
Trophy Hunter Trophy Hunter
Downed all level 5 Big Trophies in Big Trophy Tournament
Film Expert Film Expert
Filmed at least 2 hunts worth more than 100 points
Gunsmith Gunsmith
Explored gun customization options within the Gun Locker
Pro Tracker Pro Tracker
Found 10 animal tracks
Exterminator Exterminator
Obtained Gold medals in all Prairie Dog Courses
Master Caller Master Caller
Made at least 3 Awesome Duck calls
First Deer First Deer
Downed your first buck in Career Mode
Player Hater Player Hater
Used 4 Perks on the same opponent in an Online Match
Scout Scout
Found your first animal track
Under Cover Under Cover
Downed at least 3 Big Game Trophies from a blind or stand in Career Mode
Long Shot Long Shot
Downed a Big Game Trophy from more than 80 yards
Custom Firearm Custom Firearm
Downed your first animal with a custom modified firearm
Bow Kill Bow Kill
Downed your first animal with a bow
Rare Trophy Rare Trophy
Downed at least one Albino Trophy in Big Trophy Tournament
One Shot, One Kill One Shot, One Kill
Downed 5 Big Game Trophies with a single shot