Cabela's African Adventures Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Have 100% completion in all regions
Unlock all upgrades for all firearms
Hunt the Dangerous 7 (Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Crocodile, Hippo) in Story Mode
Complete one region without dying
Gather all the pieces of the statue
Finish a Shooting Gallery Map without downing animals with the wrong firearm
Take down 5 Hyenas that are chasing herbivores in Story Mode
Take down 15 predators as they jump on you in Story Mode
Take down all the animals between 2 gates in a Shooting Gallery Map
Complete at least 6 hunts without being detected
Take down 20 Hyena groups during the game in Story Mode
Take down 5 animals after they've grabbed your leg
Take down 10 animals called by the same animal in Story Mode
Take down 4 animals from different species in a row in a Shooting Gallery Map
Visit all the Vista Points in one region
Hunt the Big 5 (Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo) in Story Mode
Explore one region to remove all the fog covering the map
Unlock all rifles and shotguns
While shooting from the hip, take down 20 animals
Dodge at least one Lion, Leopard, and Cheetah during Story Mode
Dodge an Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, and Buffalo at least once during Story Mode
Roll 5 times without being detected in a stealth hunt
Complete at least 3 hunts without being detected
Create your first deck of 3 abilities
Unlock all the abilities
Complete a hunt against a dangerous animal species using only a shotgun
Gather at least 20 Fossils
Take down 5 animals while in Adrenaline Mode in Story Mode
Take down 5 Hyenas in combat using a single shot for each one in Story Mode
Create 4 unique ability combinations and use them in hunts and/or combat
Take down one animal in Story Mode
Make all the animals in a stealth hunt cautious
Take down 10 scared Hyenas in Story Mode