Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble Trophy List

Mummy Madness Mummy Madness
Win a game of All Wrapped Up.
Naked Mummy Naked Mummy
Completely unwrap a mummy within the time limit in All Wrapped Up.
Monster Pirate Monster Pirate
Knock every other computer controlled monster into the water in Treasure Hunt.
Dry as a Whistle Dry as a Whistle
Win a game of Treasure Hunt without getting wet.
Wonky Donkey Wonky Donkey
Hit every Zombie Donkey and still win a game of Boo!
Crackshot Crackshot
Hit every Zombie in Boo! including the Zombie Master. But make sure you don't hit the Donkeys!
Play it Safe Play it Safe
Don't lose any points in a game of Ghoulish Golf.
Gifted Golfer Gifted Golfer
Get 20 hole-in-ones during a game of Ghoulish Golf.
Last Monster Sitting Last Monster Sitting
Win a round of Musical Chairs when only one chair remains.
Musical Monster Musical Monster
Win every round in a game of Musical chairs.
An Amazing Monster An Amazing Monster
Win a standard single player game with the Monsters set to hard.