Buff Knight Advanced Trophy List

King of King King of King
Complete All Trophies
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Kill 100 Monsters
Monster Slayer Monster Slayer
Kill 500 Monsters
Monster Destroyer Monster Destroyer
Kill 1000 Monsters
Dragon Hunter Dragon Hunter
Kill 1 Dragon
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Kill 5 Dragons
Dragon Destroyer Dragon Destroyer
Kill 10 Dragons
Artifact Collector Artifact Collector
Collect 10 Artifacts
Artifact Expert Artifact Expert
Collect 20 Artifacts
Artifact Master Artifact Master
Collect 20 Artifacts and Upgrade Complete
Enchant Beginner Enchant Beginner
Enchant 10 Times
Enchant Expert Enchant Expert
Enchant 50 Times
Enchant Master Enchant Master
Enchant 100 Times
Newbie Newbie
Clear Stage 1
Well Done Well Done
Complete All Stage
Real Ending Real Ending
Complete Last Stage + ?
Air Combo Beginner Air Combo Beginner
Air Combo 20 Times
Air Combo Expert Air Combo Expert
Air Combo 50 Times
Air Combo Master Air Combo Master
Air Combo 70 Times
Fairy Beginner Fairy Beginner
Solve Fairy's Quiz 5 Times
Fairy Expert Fairy Expert
Solve Fairy's Quiz 10 Times
Fairy Master Fairy Master
Solve Fairy's Quiz 15 Times
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Candle in the Wind Candle in the Wind
Use HP Potion with 10% of Full HP
Death Death
Died 100 Times
The Rich The Rich
Get the Money 1,000,000,000
Millionaire Millionaire
Get the Money 10,000,000,000