Breach & Clear: Deadline Trophy List

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Earn every trophy in the game
Defeat 100 roamers
Defeat 100 stalkers
Defeat 100 runners
Defeat 100 spitters
Defeat 100 breeders
Defeat 100 human enemies
Defeat 1000 enemies total
Use a grenade
Execute 100 orders in command mode
Find 50,000 scrap
Find a rare item in a loot chest.
Get to the final floor of a dungeon
Explore 50 dungeon floors
Explore 100 dungeon floors
Find 10 unique locations in hubs
Find 25 unique locations in hubs
Find 50 unique locations in hubs
Defeat 50 enemies with assault rifles
Defeat 50 enemies with shotguns
Defeat 50 enemies with light machine guns
Defeat 50 enemies with submachine guns
Defeat 50 enemies with sidearms
Defeat 50 enemies with rifles
Equip a rare uniform, vest, and headgear piece
Equip all four squad members with rare primary weapons
Complete 20 quests
Open 50 loot crates
Scrap 50 weapons
Fully upgrade a weapon
Fully upgrade a headgear piece or a vest
Fully upgrade a rare weapon
Equip an attachment
Name a gun
Level a character to 15
Level a character to 30
Use fast travel
Regroup with the survivors at the Harbor City Stadium
Fight your way through downtown Harbor City
Fight your way through Harbor City park
Fight your way through the Harbor City's suburbs
Fight your way through the Harbor City docks
Find the philosopher in one of the hubs
Shoot the CEO portrait hidden in Harbor City