Boxing Apocalypse Trophy List

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Complete every challenge in the game!
Beat the game without getting hit.
Beat the game on hard.
Beat the game on normal.
Beat game on easy.
Beat game without using tool in normal or hard.
Beat prison on hard.
Beat matrix on hard.
Beat the throne on hard.
Win 3 matches! (Multiplayer)
Win match without power punch or tools! (Multiplayer)
Beat the game in under 10 minutes on normal or hard.
Perform a 10 hit combo!
Win 10 matches! (Multiplayer)
Win 20 matches! (Multiplayer)
Beat the game with 25,000 points on normal.
Win a match with only 75% health. (Multiplayer)
Win a match without getting hit once. (Multiplayer)
Win match without blocking. (Multiplayer)
Win match without getting blocked. (Multiplayer)
Beat Campaign without blocking once on normal or hard.