Boundless Trophy List

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Collected all Boundless Trophies
Left the sanctum for the first time
Placed and Fuelled your first Beacon
Completed your first Journal Objective
Core Objectives completed
Completed 185 Journal Objectives
Completed 675 Feats
Completed all Daily Feats of the same type in a single week
Achieved level 10
Achieved level 20
Achieved level 30
Achieved level 40
Achieved level 50
Learned your first Skill
Activated 20 unique Skills simultaneously in a single Skill Set
Fully upgraded a Skill Set
Cleansed 10 Skills
Unlocked your first Skill Set
Fully upgraded all Skill Sets
Crafted your first Item using Spark
Crafted 100,000 Items with Machines
Successfully increased the rank of an Item with the Forge
Increased the rank of an Item in the Forge to 300
Forged an Item with 3 Boons, 3 Defects and 3 Quirks
Destroyed 100,000 Blocks
Placed 50,000 blocks
Placed 1,000 Plots
Chiselled a Block for the first time
Chiselled 10,000 Blocks
Joined a Settlement
Became Warden of a Settlement
Became Viceroy of a World
Achieved a Beacon Prestige rating of 500,000
Defeated 1,000 Creatures
Defeated 180 different Creature variants
Successfully revived your first Citizen
Successfully revived 500 Citizens
Defeated a Creature with 1% Health remaining
Complete 100 Active Meteorites
Defeated by a falling Meteorite
Completed a Meteorite on a Special World without being Defeated
Purchased your first Item with a Request Basket
Earned 500,000 Coin from Beacon Footfall
Successfully completed your first Trade with another Citizen
Sold your first Item in a Shop Stand
Spent 500,000 Coin in Shop Stands
Defeated 5 Creatures at the same time in a single Bomb Hit
Consumed 1,000 Items
Destroyed your first piece of Gear
Discovered a new Region for the first time
Discovered 50 Regions on a single World
Travelled to a new World through a Citizen made Warp
Travelled through a Portal
Harvested 100 Dormant Meteorites
Visited 40 Worlds of different types
Travelled 100 metres by a single Grapple-swing without touching the ground
Fell 200 meters without being Defeated
Reached the top of the World
Mined right down to a World's Mantle
Survived on a Special World for 2 hours without Defeat