Bombing Busters Trophy List

Good Start Good Start
Complete the first level
Ready for the Boss Ready for the Boss
Complete all Fairy levels before the Fairy Boss
Lucky Buster Lucky Buster
Complete a level with 3 stars
Promising Buster Promising Buster
Complete 5 levels with 3 stars
Skilled Buster Skilled Buster
Complete 10 levels with 3 stars
Hardcore Buster Hardcore Buster
Complete 20 levels with 3 stars
Total Buster Total Buster
Complete all 30 levels with 3 stars
Fairy King Fairy King
Defeat the Fairy Boss
Ice King Ice King
Defeat the Ice Boss
Wind King Wind King
Defeat the Wind Boss
Fire King Fire King
Defeat the Fire Boss
Spark King Spark King
Defeat the Spark Boss
Boss Slayer Boss Slayer
Defeat all Bosses with 3 stars