Bloons TD 5 Trophy List

Monkey Master Monkey Master
Earn all other trophies in the game
MOAB Assassin MOAB Assassin
Destroy 5000 MOABs
BFB Brawler BFB Brawler
Destroy 2000 BFBs
ZOMGinator ZOMGinator
Destroy 1000 ZOMGs
Steeley Steeley
Pop 250,000 Lead bloons
Hard Baked Hard Baked
Pop 250,000 Ceramic bloons
Infrared Infrared
Pop 250,000 Camo Bloons
Impoppable Impoppable
Pop 50,000,000 Bloons
Poppable Poppable
Achieve glorious victory on any map on Impoppable difficulty
Nigh Impoppable Nigh Impoppable
Earn an Impoppable medal on 25 or more maps
A Token of My Affection A Token of My Affection
Collect 50 Tokens
Moneybags Moneybags
Activate all upgrades for Starting Cash
Pointy Bits Pointy Bits
Activate all upgrades for Pierce
Fast and Furious Fast and Furious
Activate all upgrades for Attack Speed
Monkey Tycoon Monkey Tycoon
Activate all upgrades for sell %
Long Lived Long Lived
Activate all upgrades for Starting Lives
MOAB Mauler MOAB Mauler
Activate all upgrades for Big Bloons Sabotage
Always On Always On
Activate all upgrades for Ability Cooldowns
Track Star Track Star
Win all Tracks on any difficulty
Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished
Win all Special Missions
Ultimate Agent Ultimate Agent
Get all Special Agents to Pro Status
Ultimate Specialist Ultimate Specialist
Purchase and upgrade to tier 4 all Specialty Buildings
Full House Full House
Complete the Full House Special Mission
MOAB Madness MOAB Madness
Complete the MOAB Madness Special Mission
Highlander Highlander
Complete the Highlander Special Mission
Isn't That Special Isn't That Special
Complete the Special Agent Only Special Mission
Fast Track Fast Track
Complete the Fast Upgrades Special Mission
Short-Lived Short-Lived
Complete the Short-Lived Special Mission
Monkey Town Monkey Town
Complete the Protect Monkey Town Special Mission
Covert Pops Covert Pops
Complete the Covert Pops Special Mission
Wizard Lord Wizard Lord
Complete the Wizard Lord Special Mission
No Escape No Escape
Complete the No Escape Special Mission
Somewhat Random Somewhat Random
Win 10 Random Missions
Increasingly Random Increasingly Random
Win 50 Random Missions
Persistently Random Persistently Random
Win 100 Random Missions
Amazingly Random Amazingly Random
Win 200 Random Missions
Entirely Random Entirely Random
Win 250 Random Missions
Role Reversal Role Reversal
Complete any track in reverse.
Gold Beginner Gold Beginner
Earn 10 gold medals in single player.
Gold Amateur Gold Amateur
Earn 20 gold medals in single player.
Gold Pro Gold Pro
Earn 30 gold medals in single player.
Gold Master Gold Master
Earn 40 gold medals in single player.
Gold Olympian Gold Olympian
Earn 50 gold medals in single player.
Gold Co-op Beginner Gold Co-op Beginner
Earn 5 gold co-op medals
Gold Co-op Amateur Gold Co-op Amateur
Earn 10 gold co-op medals
Gold Co-op Pro Gold Co-op Pro
Earn 15 gold co-op medals
Gold Co-op Master Gold Co-op Master
Earn 20 gold co-op medals
Gold Co-op Olympian Gold Co-op Olympian
Earn 30 gold co-op medals