Blood of the Werewolf Trophy List

Rookie Rookie
Complete 1 Quest.
Beginner Beginner
Complete 5 Quests.
Novice Novice
Complete 10 Quests.
Amateur Amateur
Complete 15 Quests.
Apprentice Apprentice
Complete 20 Quests.
Fanatic Fanatic
Complete 25 Quests.
Adventurer Adventurer
Complete 30 Quests.
Challenger Challenger
Complete 35 Quests.
Contender Contender
Complete 40 Quests.
Professional Professional
Complete 50 Quests.
Expert Expert
Complete 60 Quests.
Wizard Wizard
Complete 70 Quests.
Guardian Guardian
Complete 80 Quests.
Champion Champion
Complete 90 Quests.
Master Master
Complete 100 Quests.
Hero Hero
Complete 110 Quests.
Selena of the Wolf Clan Selena of the Wolf Clan
Complete 125 Quests.