Blokus Trophy List

Meet the Blocker Meet the Blocker
Won one round in local single-player
Christopher Columblokus Christopher Columblokus
Finished Discovery Cup in Tournament Mode
Blokus™ Caesar Blokus™ Caesar
Finished Conqueror Cup in Tournament Mode
Block Fu Master Block Fu Master
Finished Challenger Cup in Tournament Mode
MC Blokus™ MC Blokus™
Finished Master Cup in Tournament Mode
Blockalicious Blockalicious
Finished Elite Cup in Tournament Mode
You Are Legend You Are Legend
Finished Legend Cup in Tournament Mode
It's On! It's On!
Won a round in online multiplayer
Block Whisperer Block Whisperer
Won 10 rounds in online multiplayer mode
Blokbuster Blokbuster
Won 20 times in online multiplayer mode
Block-ness Monster! Block-ness Monster!
Won 30 times in online multiplayer mode
Mayor of Blokville Mayor of Blokville
Won 50 times in online multiplayer mode