BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend Trophy List

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Mastered BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend.
[Tutorial] Finished the stylish and beginner lessons in Tutorial Mode.
[Training] Dealt a total of 100,000 Damage.
[Challenge] Completed 50% of all challenges.
[Challenge] Completed 100% of one character's challenges.
[Story] Completed the main story.
[Story] Completed the EXTEND story.
[Story] Completed the Remix Heart story.
[Story] Completed the additional gag reels.
[Arcade] Completed Arcade Mode.
[Abyss] Completed stage 6.
[Score Attack] Completed 1 course.
[Unlimited Mars] Fought in 10 matches.
[Highlander Assault] Completed the Highlander Assault Mode.
[Replay Theater] Watched a replay.
[Gallery] Unlocked all of the Unlimited characters.2
[Gallery] Spent P$ 100,000 in Gallery Mode.
[Gallery] Unlocked the "Guest Illustrator" category.
[Network] Leveled up to level 11.
[Network] Made some changes to your room.
[Network] A player joined your room.
[Network] Used a default text string in the room.
[Network] Collected a set quantity of items in the Player Match room.
Regenerate a total of 100,000 HP with Ragna.
Land all Jin's "D" Special Attacks in a single match.
Defeat Nu, Mu, and Lambda using Noel.
Stayed airborne for a total of 100 seconds using Rachel.
As Taokaka, hit every character with Cat Spirit: Encore!
As Tager, successfully land a throw on an opponent who is blocking or taking damage.
Land a counter hit using Litchi's Thirteen Orphans.
As Arakune, execute a 100 hit combo.
As Bang, activate Overdrive with less than 35% HP, and Overdrive Finish your opponent.
Finish an opponent using Carl's Arpeggio of Oblivion.
As Hakumen, deal 10,000 damage in a single combo.
As Nu, win a match by using nothing but projectile attacks.
Land all of Tsubaki's "D" Special Attacks in a single combo.
As Hazama, defeat an opponent with an Overdrive Finish.
Finish the opponent with a projectile from Mu's Steins Gunner.
As Makoto, land an attack with maximum Impact Gauge.
Defeat the opponent using only wolf-form attacks.
Defeat the same opponent once with Luna's and once with Sena's voice.
Land all of Relius's Id Lauger follow-ups in a single combo.
Finish an opponent while Izayoi is in Slaver Trans-AM Mode.
Hit every character with Amane's Jakutoku Meika: Gouha Houyou.
Locked onto an enemy for over 10 seconds during a single round as Bullet.
Absorbed 10 projectiles during a single round using Azrael's Growler Field.
Used all of the Black Gale's follow-up attacks during a single round with Kagura.
As Terumi, finished an opponent during the stomp phase of Serpent's Laceration.
Kept the opponent airborne for 20 seconds during a single round as Kokonoe.
Heard all of the voice patterns of Celica's Drive Attack during a single round.
Defeated Ragna using Lambda.