BlazBlue: Central Fiction Trophy List

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Mastered BlazBlue Centralfiction.
[Tutorial] Completed Tutorial Mode.
[Tutorial] Played through a character's strategy guide.
[Training] Used the key record / playback feature.
[Training] Played back another person's key history.
[Challenge] Completed a total of 10% of the challenges.
[Challenge] Completed all of a single character's challenges.
[Story] Completed the entire main story.
[Story] Completed episode 1.
[Story] Completed episode 4.
[Story] Completed episode 7.
[Story] Completed episode 10.
[Story] Completed all sub stories.
[Glossary] Opened up everything.
[Arcade] Completed the arcade mode.
[VS] Won with difficulty set to Normal or higher.
[Abyss] Acquired 50 Grimoires.
[Abyss] Acquired 30% of all Skills.
[Abyss] Increased the level of a Grimoire to maximum.
[Abyss] Increased a character's level to 50.
[Abyss] Successfully extracted skills from the Grimoire.
[Abyss] Completed all normal stages 1 through 3.
[Abyss] Completed through stage 8.
[Score Attack] Completed all courses.
[Speedstar] Completed all courses.
[Replay Theater] Played back another person's replay.
[Gallery] Opened up all guest illustrations.
[Gallery] Played back the credits.
[Item Shop] Played back a single location test voice.
[Item Shop] Purchased additional character colors.
[Network] Won a Ranked Match.
[Network] Reached LV 11.
[Network] Won "My room" match.
[Network] Customized your own room.
[Network] Used a face icon in an Online Lobby.
[Network] Won an online lobby match.
[Network] Used the quick message feature in an online lobby.
[Network] Changed your icon, plate, title, lobby character, and accessories.
[Network] Added a player to your favorites.
[Network] Collected 50 pieces of furniture for your "My Room."
Successfully executed an instant block 10 times.
Successfully executed a Guard Crush 10 times.
Successfully executed a 100-hit combo.
Dealt 10,000+ damage in a single combo.
Successfully executed 10 Distortion Finishes.
Successfully executed 10 Astral Finishes.
Successfully executed 10 Overdrive Finishes.
Successfully executed 10 throw-escapes.
Successfully executed 10 Exceed Accels.
Successfully used Rapid Cancel 10 times.
Successfully executed 10 Fatal Counters.
Successfully blocked 10 overhead attacks.
Successfully used Counter Assault 10 times.