Blade & Bones Trophy List

Who made him? Who made him?
Collect all the trophies
Now it begins Now it begins
Learn about the ancient years
The Sin The Sin
Take your first common sword
First of many First of many
Break a sword
What was that? What was that?
Deflect an enemy attack
Ancient Knowledge Ancient Knowledge
Watch an ancient glyph
Mysterious Devices Mysterious Devices
Take your first Relic
Don’t break the Cycle Don’t break the Cycle
Acquire a purity you lost
Only Six left Only Six left
Lose your first purity
Friendly? Friendly?
Communicate with someone
Stronger and Faster Stronger and Faster
Take your first rare sword
Forgotten Techniques Forgotten Techniques
Take your first combat style
Old Energy Old Energy
Acquire a Kuro
They are not flasks! They are not flasks!
Acquire a life fragment
Controlling the Sky Controlling the Sky
Use the clock for the first time
A muddy road ahead A muddy road ahead
Enter the Forgotten Swamp
Cold promises Cold promises
Enter the White Valley
Warm ground Warm ground
Enter the Akunaa Desert
Not what it seems Not what it seems
Enter the Bamboo Woods
Another reality Another reality
Enter the Rift
Easy Climb Easy Climb
Climb The First Tree
All the paths All the paths
Collect all Relics
As rare as it gets As rare as it gets
Collect 5 rare swords
Ok, they work like flasks Ok, they work like flasks
Collect all life Fragments
Unique Unique
Collect a Legendary Sword
Transformative Transformative
Activate all Kuros at least once
Hope Hope
Have only one purity left
Breaking The Curse Breaking The Curse
Collect all the Legendary Swords
The Heart of a True Warrior The Heart of a True Warrior
Defeat a boss with only one purity left
What it is and what is going to be What it is and what is going to be
Set the future of the Orins
It will cost your soul It will cost your soul
Complete a new game plus