Congratulations! Congratulations!
You have completed all game's trophies!
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Suicide Run Suicide Run
Well done! You've finished the final run!
Dammed component Dammed component
Finish the lava run without any restarts or deaths.
We've found them all We've found them all
Find all of secret dog tags of Endera crew.
It's working again! It's working again!
Collect enough selfburns to repair the Endera.
The Shiny Spaceship The Shiny Spaceship
Collect 100% selfburns available in the story-line levels.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Finish the TETRIS level.
Entity Explorer Entity Explorer
Explore the whole Entity.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
You deserve this! You deserve this!
Let Skelet die during the rescue mission.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Time And Relative Dimension In Space Time And Relative Dimension In Space
Find the T.A.R.D.I.S. and try to catch it!
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Amazing herb Amazing herb
Help Selassie find his lost herb.
Windy wind Windy wind
Find Skelet's crutches.
Number 23 rocks! Number 23 rocks!
Find a rock with number 23.
What the hell? What the hell?
Uncover mystical painting!
This coffee! That coffee! This coffee! That coffee!
Prepare perfect coffee for Capt. Jetsen after crash.
Secrets behind Blackhole Secrets behind Blackhole
Find a hidden Ati's datapad.
Now You Will Not Die Now You Will Not Die
Complete crashsite's level 4 without any restarts or deaths.
Coffee Time Speedrunner Coffee Time Speedrunner
Collect Coffee Time mark in all Crashsite levels.
Coffee Time Speedjungler Coffee Time Speedjungler
Collect Coffee Time mark in all No-man's Land levels.
Coffee Time Speedscout Coffee Time Speedscout
Collect Coffee Time mark in all Sacred Library levels.
Coffee Time Speedclimber Coffee Time Speedclimber
Collect Coffee Time mark in all Up & Down levels.
Coffee Time Speedmummy Coffee Time Speedmummy
Collect Coffee Time mark in all Eternal Thirst levels.
Coffee Time Speedmaster Coffee Time Speedmaster
Collect Coffee Time mark in all Beyond the Void levels.
Coffee Time Secret A+ Coffee Time Secret A+
Collect Coffee Time mark in all Secret of the Entity levels.
Ha! You've lost! Ha! You've lost!
Auriel saw the chameleon first!
Where you step, it is a disaster Where you step, it is a disaster
Finish the Crazy Avalanche without any restarts or deaths.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
ATI ripped in half ATI ripped in half
Well, you pierce him!
Blackbox Maniac Blackbox Maniac
Find all blackboxes.
Just fix the ship Just fix the ship
Find all the missing components for the Endera.
Ability to listen Ability to listen
Hear out the all the personal dialogues with crew members.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Fit in the party Fit in the party
Hear out the all dialogues in the Endera Spaceship.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Completely breathless Completely breathless
Hold your breath until you pass out.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
It still turns! It still turns!
Stay in a centrifuge for 1,024 rpm.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Make more than 1,000 push-ups.
Broken trampoline Broken trampoline
Jump on the trampoline so much to smash it.
Welcome in the crew of the Endera project!
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
All secrets revealed! All secrets revealed!
You've completed story line in Secret of the Entity!
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
All these revelations… All these revelations…
You've completed all levels in Secret of the Entity!
Datapadworm Datapadworm
Whoa! These are an alien's notes!