Birds of Steel Trophy List

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Earn all available Trophies for Birds of Steel.
Destroy 4 planes in Versus mode.
Receive 5 medals.
Win a battle against superior forces in Versus mode.
Win a battle in Versus mode as the leader.
Earn the second rank.
Earn the fifth rank.
Earn the tenth rank.
Complete the Pre-War chapter.
Complete the American Historical campaign.
Complete the Japanese Historical campaign.
Complete the Japanese chapter "Attack on Pearl Harbor".
Complete the American chapter "Battle of Wake Island".
Complete the Japanese chapter "Battle of Midway".
Complete the American chapter "Battle of the Coral Sea".
Complete the Japanese chapter "Guadalcanal Campaign".
Complete any Dynamic campaign.
Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Siege of Malta".
Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Battle for the Kuban".
Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Battle of Ruhr".
Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "New Guinea Campaign".
Take off.
Land on an aircraft carrier.
Fly in each Italian plane.
Fly in each Australian plane.
Fly in one of each country's planes.
Complete any mission in CO-OP mode.
Earn any skin for your plane.
Earn any decal for your plane.
Destroy 100 planes.
Destroy 100 ground units.
Destroy all vehicles on Wheeler Field in the mission "First Wave".
Bomb two different targets by one loadout in the mission "Second Wave".
Make "Touch and Go" on Ford Island in the mission "Return to Oahu".
Land your damaged aircraft on the airfield in the mission "The Two Against Thirty-Nine".
Rearm on the airfield between attacks on hostile ships in the mission "American Counterattack".
Destroy 6 enemy bombers before they reach the Wake in the mission "Japanese Raid".
Damage destroyer with machine gun fire in the mission "Invasion of Tulagi".
Don't let enemy fighters destroy any bomber of your group in the mission "Attack on Lexington".
Don't die in the mission "Shokaku Defense".
Destroy two hostile fighters with the rear gunner in the mission "To Scratch One Flat-top".
Find the TF-17 carrier fleet in the "Counterattack" mission.
Destroy 5 light targets on Midway Island on Simulator difficulty in the "Midway Atoll" mission.
Destroy 3 enemy bombers in each wave on Realistic difficulty in the "First Carrier Fleet" mission.
Complete the 1st secondary mission objective in the "Fate of Hiryu" mission.
Stay near the flight leader all the way to the enemy fleet in the "American Strike" mission.
Land on the Zuikaku at the end of the "Battle of South Pacific" mission on Realistic difficulty.
Complete the first objective in less than 5 minutes in the "Tulagi Landing" mission.
Destroy at least 20 enemy bombers in the "Battle of the Santa Cruz" mission.
Destroy 5 enemy planes on Realistic difficulty in the "Battle of the Eastern Solomons" mission.
Kill 15 enemy infantry units in the "Battle for Henderson Field" mission.