BikeRiderVR Trophy List

Legendary Bike King Legendary Bike King
Completed all trophies.
Path to Ruler Path to Ruler
Started Bike Rider for the first time.
Pedal Pedal
Total travel distance has passed 100,000 m.
Saddle Saddle
Scored over 20,000 points in Bike Tech Mode.
Bickey Bickey
Traveled over 5,000 m in a single run.
Ground Nut Ground Nut
Fall count 500 times.
Rising Rising
Jumped over 3000 times.
Bike Pro Bike Pro
Traveled over 10,000 m in a single run.
Speed maniac Speed maniac
Blew off obstacles 1,000 times.
Brawler Brawler
Pushed off over 500 hindrance characters.
Globetrotter Globetrotter
Total travel distance passed 1,000,000 m.