Bibi Blocksberg - Big Broom Race 3 Trophy List

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Collect all trophies!
Win a standard race.
Win a race on the Cloudy Trail.
Win a race in the Star Swirl.
Win the Witch rally in Transylvania.
Win the Witch rally in the Orient.
Win the Witch rally in the age of the dinosaurs.
Win a Witch rally finishing first in each race.
Win a team race.
Win a team race with your team taking the first 4 places.
Fly a race with 4 players.
Fly a race in Mirror Mode.
Fly a race with Motion controls.
Win a race with Bibi on Apple Pie.
Win a race with Flowipowi on Daisy.
Win a race with Sheba on Kawakasi.
Win a race with Arcadia on Fetzi.
Win a race with Xenia on Woody.
Accelerate through 5 turbo potions in one race.
Trigger a turbo boost by drifting.
Get a turbo boost by flying in a slipstream.
Start a race with a turbo start.
Slow down 5 players with brake potions in one race.
Neutralize a rival witch with a protection potion.
Conjure up 5 whirlwinds in one race.
One trap potion hits 3 witches at the same time.
Use 10 witches' potions in one race.
Win a race with an active teleportation potion.