Best of Arcade Games Trophy List

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Brick Breaker: Finish all the levels
Brick Breaker: Reach level 25
Brick Breaker: Finish a level without moving the paddle
Brick Breaker: Finish a level with at least 3 balls in play at once
Bubble Buster: Finish all the levels
Bubble Buster: Reach level 25
Bubble Buster: Finish level 32 without buying a bonus
Bubble Buster: Finish level 27 without setting off a bubble that strikes the ceiling
Tetraminos: Finish all the levels
Tetraminos: Reach level 25
Tetraminos: Finish level 5
Tetraminos: Finish level 43 in less than 45 seconds
Air Hockey: Finish all the levels
Air Hockey: Reach level 10
Air Hockey: Finish level 5 without getting scored on
Air Hockey: Win 3 levels in a row