Ben 10: Omniverse Trophy List

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Earn every Trophy in the game
Completed the training simulation... and wrecked the timeline.
Escape from Malware... for now.
Defeat Mucillator.
Take out Psyphon and rescue Blukic and Driba.
Defeat the Queen Ant and rescue Grandpa Max.
Discover the morphic generator.
Plant the explosives in the past.
Set off the explosives in the present.
Steal Animo's tech and lure Malware to the cavern.
Lure Malware into the Plumber Training Room.
Defeat both Malwares and fix the timeline.
Unlock Wildmutt.
Unlock Cannonbolt.
Unlock Feedback.
Unlock Gravattack.
Unlock Bloxx.
Unlock Arctiguana.
Collect all Smoothie power-ups.
Collect all Codon Crystal power-ups.
Fully upgrade all of Ben's alien forms.
Fully upgrade all of Rook's Proto-Tool functions.
Open 75 Tech Repositories over the course of the game.
Destroy 8 crates in a single attack.
Destroy 150 crates in the game.
Perform a 15-hit combo.
Perform a 25-hit combo.
Perform a 35-hit combo.
Defeat 30 enemies while they are in the air.
Defeat 20 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
Defeat 30 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
Defeat 50 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
Defeat 50 enemies as Feedback.
Defeat 50 enemies as XLR8.
Defeat 50 enemies as Eye Guy.
Defeat 50 enemies as Shocksquatch.
Defeat 50 enemies as Gravattack.
Defeat 50 enemies as Bloxx.
Defeat 50 enemies as Four Arms.
Defeat 50 enemies as Cannonbolt.
Defeat 50 enemies as Diamondhead.
Defeat 50 enemies as Wildvine.
Defeat 50 enemies as Heatblast.
Defeat 50 enemies as Wild Mutt.
Defeat 50 enemies as Arctiguana.
Complete an entire level without being defeated and reset.
Complete the entire game on Hero difficulty.