Beholder: Complete Edition Trophy List

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Unlock all the Trophies in Beholder!
Be killed by a tenant
Push a tenant to their limit
Report Martha
Be caught in a theft
Report the drug maker
Get on track with your family
Write a blackmailing letter
Set the Shimmers off to cruise
Set the Shimmers off to sailing the barge
Dishouse Klaus Shimmer in a hard way
Find a woman for Shpak
Drink poisoned coffee
Tune the agitation device on the children radio wave
Take part in the attempt on the life of the General
This dumb is not mine!
Klara lived in the house twice
The New Tomorrow is already here!
State influence upon citizens life increased
The war ended with ceasefire
Battle actions still take place on the border
Carl went abroad
Carl left in the country
I have nothing to behold
All your family is alive
Carl became a gold standard of a model citizen
Be out of conceit with the secret ending
Carl was caught on the border while he was trying to escape
Carl failed the Fit and Proper test
Undergo the Blissful Sleep procedure in advance
Hector slept his Blissful Sleep
Hector ended his life in the slums
Hector went abroad
Hector went abroad and guaranteed a comfortable life
Work in the Archives till the end of your life
Warm the old lady
Help the war veteran grow back his leg
There can't be too many thoughts!
Fear must be overcome
When the ghosts from your past haunt you
Talk to the cat in one language
They lived happily… or not
Bring justice
Find Zlata Schimmer's biological parents
Don't touch secrets of the past
Try to get rid of the animal
Be friends with a pirate
Contribute to art development
Feed the cat with banned food