Battlezone Trophy List

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Win all other trophies in Battlezone
Complete the intro mission
Kill a UFO
Complete a medium campaign on easy difficulty
Complete a long campaign on easy difficulty
Complete a medium campaign on normal difficulty
Complete a long campaign on normal difficulty
Complete a medium campaign on hard difficulty
Complete a long campaign on hard difficulty
Kill a light tank with the heavy cannon
Lose all your lives
Complete a mission with 4 players
Complete 1 early campaign mission.
Complete 1 mid-campaign mission.
Complete 1 end-game mission.
Destroy a Shield Generator
Kill 2 enemies with 1 shot.
Visit every Supply Point on a campaign map
Reveal all hexes on a campaign map
Complete a mission without taking damage
Use turbo for a total of 1 hour
Convert a building
Kill 4 enemies with a single multi-lock on salvo
Get 100% accuracy in a mission
Launch a probe
Enable the active reload
Get a kill with a power shot
Shoot down an incoming homing missile
Kill a Hopper with the Artillery.
Reach the Volcano
Drive every tank
Beat the campaign with 4 players
Complete a campaign without destroying any Shield Generator hexes.
Destroy all Shield Generators in a campaign.
Beat the AI Core.
Fill all the loadout slots on your tank
Kill an enemy from more than 120m away
Destroy 1000 enemy tanks
Destroy 500 enemy Hoppers
Destroy 750 enemy towers
Max out shields and equip the shield boost
Unlock 100 Weapons
Complete a medium length map on hard without losing a life
Collect 10,000,000 Data
Defeat a Nemesis
Get 3 kills with a single artillery shot
Go from start to finish with the same 4 players
Complete 10 campaigns on Normal difficulty or above.
Win a mission without firing a shot

BattlezoneĀ® 1.04 DLC

Complete a campaign on Extreme