Battleship Trophy List

Apprentice Seaman Apprentice Seaman
Sink your first enemy ship.
Baptism by fire Baptism by fire
In any VS mode, win a game.
Battleship 101 Battleship 101
Complete the Campaign's first mission.
Get together Get together
Play a local Player VS Player game.
Good old days Good old days
Play a game using "Classic Rules".
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Play 10 games with the Military fleet.
Warlord Warlord
Play 5 games with the Orc fleet.
Master Master
Play 5 games with the Tech fleet.
Captain Captain
Play 5 games with the Pirate fleet.
Gunner Gunner
Successfuly hit a total of 125 coordinates.
Radar Specialist Radar Specialist
Detect a total of 50 ship's coordinates before hitting them.
10 hits in a row 10 hits in a row
Successfully hit 10 consecutive ship's coordinates.
Expert Gunner Expert Gunner
Sink a total of 150 ships.
No place to hide No place to hide
Reveal all of your opponent's grid coordinates before winning a VS game.
Admiral of the Navy Admiral of the Navy
Complete all Tutorial and Campaign missions.