Battle Slots Trophy List

Uncle Morty's Savior Uncle Morty's Savior
Save your soft-headed uncle Morty from his plight.
Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs
Slay three Boar Men.
Slot Technician Slot Technician
Reconfigure your slot machine's symbol balance ten times.
Unluckiest Spinner Alive Unluckiest Spinner Alive
Lose five consecutive spins in one battle.
No Contest No Contest
Kill a monster outright with the first spin of the match.
Fries With That Fries With That
Let Spudbucket land the final, killing blow against a foe.
Horse Puncher Horse Puncher
Complete the Horse Puncher quests. This involves punching some horses.
What The Heck Is That?!? What The Heck Is That?!?
Defeat the mighty Cheagle in battle.
Site Seer Site Seer
Visit every location on the map.
Zookeeper Extraordinaire Zookeeper Extraordinaire
Collect every zoo animal.
Well Duh Well Duh
Complete the game.