Battle Islands: Commanders Trophy List

Master & Commander Master & Commander
Master the game by collecting all the trophies
Private Private
Win your first ranked battle
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Win 100 ranked battles
Commander Commander
Win 1000 ranked battles
Operation MI Operation MI
Reach the Central Pacific Theater
Operation Torch Operation Torch
Reach the North Africa Theater
Operation Husky Operation Husky
Reach the Mediterranean Theater
Operation Barbarossa Operation Barbarossa
Reach the Eastern Front Theater
Operation Meridian Operation Meridian
Reach the East Asia Theater
Operation Neptune Operation Neptune
Reach the Western Front Theater
Field Promotion Field Promotion
Promote 20 units
War Veteran War Veteran
Promote 20 units to rank 5
Allied Reinforcements Allied Reinforcements
Donate a unit
New Recruit New Recruit
Join an alliance
Intelligence Debriefing Intelligence Debriefing
Share a replay with your Alliance

Additional trophies DLC

Operation Plunder Operation Plunder
Reach the Central Europe Theater