Bard’s Gold Trophy List

Gemcholic Gemcholic
Collect 1000 Gems in a single playthrough
Always wanted one of these ! Always wanted one of these !
Make a deal with Reaper
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Is this a TOWER!? Is this a TOWER!?
Discover tower of patience
This might help This might help
Level up a skill
No Goo can stop me ! No Goo can stop me !
Clear the first world
Temple Raider Temple Raider
Clear the second world
You shall not drill ! You shall not drill !
Clear the third world
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost
Defeat the Blood Ghost
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
The Shadow The Shadow
Kill the creep of shadows
I want my gold back ! I want my gold back !
Complete the game in any difficulty
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Treasure Room Treasure Room
Find the bonus level
Invincible Invincible
Clear a world without losing a single life
Bookworm Bookworm
Find all skill books