BANG! the Official Video Game Trophy List

A good start... A good start...
Win a match
Turncoat Turncoat
Play all roles
Extreme unction Extreme unction
Save yourself "in extremis" with a BEER
Behind the barrel Behind the barrel
Use BARREL successfully
Two birds... Two birds...
Damage two players with the same card
Sniper Sniper
Hit a character at distance 3 or more with a BANG!
Superpowers Superpowers
Use the abilities of ten different characters
One foot in the grave One foot in the grave
Save yourself "in extremis" using two or more BEER cards
Relentless Relentless
Play 3 different cards with the effect of a BANG! in one turn
Ka-Boom Ka-Boom
See 10 fatal dynamite explosions
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Use BANG! successfully 100 times
Unseizable Unseizable
Use MISSED! 100 times
Seer Seer
Guess the roles of all your opponents (before they are eliminated, 5+ players)
Angel Face Angel Face
As a Sheriff, win without killing anyone in a 5-player match
Zombie Revenge Zombie Revenge
Win a match, even if you're dead!
Cain Cain
Win a match after eliminating all your fellows
Runaway Runaway
Escape from jail 10 times
Partner in crime Partner in crime
Let a fellow escape from jail 10 times
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
The long run The long run
Play 1000 matches
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Wild West Legend Wild West Legend
Eliminate 1000 players
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Oh-oh-ooh! Oh-oh-ooh!
Give 10 life-points to others