BANG! the Official Video Game Trophy List

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Win a match
Play all roles
Save yourself "in extremis" with a BEER
Use BARREL successfully
Damage two players with the same card
Hit a character at distance 3 or more with a BANG!
Use the abilities of ten different characters
Save yourself "in extremis" using two or more BEER cards
Play 3 different cards with the effect of a BANG! in one turn
See 10 fatal dynamite explosions
Use BANG! successfully 100 times
Use MISSED! 100 times
Guess the roles of all your opponents (before they are eliminated, 5+ players)
As a Sheriff, win without killing anyone in a 5-player match
Win a match, even if you're dead!
Win a match after eliminating all your fellows
Escape from jail 10 times
Let a fellow escape from jail 10 times
Play 1000 matches
Eliminate 1000 players
Give 10 life-points to others