Bad Apple Wars Trophy List

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Obtain every trophy.
Achieve 100% completion for the CG gallery.
Achieve 100% completion for the movie gallery.
Achieve 100% completion for the music player.
Achieve 100% completion of the flowchart.
Touched your first Soul.
Got accepted to NEVAEH Academy.
See Alma's ending and epilogue.
See Higa's ending and epilogue.
See Shikishima's ending and epilogue.
See Satoru's ending and epilogue.
See Watase's ending and epilogue.
See Alma's NEVAEH ending.
See Higa's NEVAEH ending.
See Shikishima's NEVAEH ending.
See Satoru's NEVAEH ending.
See Watase's NEVAEH ending.
See every CG of Alma.
See every CG of Higa.
See every CG of Shikishima.
See every CG of Satoru.
See every CG of Watase.