Back to the Future: The Game Trophy List

A Bicycle Built for Two A Bicycle Built for Two
Rescued Doc from Kid Tannen
Back in Time Back in Time
Traveled back in time to rescue Doc
Grandpa Got Served Grandpa Got Served
Delivered the subpoeana to Arthur McFly
Junior Bootlegger Badge Junior Bootlegger Badge
Managed to get 190-proof alcohol delivered to Emmett's
Jailbreak! Jailbreak!
Acquired Emmett's Rocket Drill
Doc's Legacy Doc's Legacy
Got Doc's Notebook back from Biff
Hello, Young Friend Hello, Young Friend
Talked Emmett into completing the Rocket Drill
A Plausible Explanation A Plausible Explanation
Discovered the origin of the "new" DeLorean
Fuelmaster Fuelmaster
Flawlessly mixed up a batch of Emmett's Rocket Fuel
Fate in flux Fate in flux
Heard about the curious fate of Marshall Strickland
Hi Bob! Hi Bob!
Namechecked BTTF Creators
Deja Marty Deja Marty
Perfectly repeated dialog while repeating Doc's temporal experiment