ATOMINE Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies
Complete Level 4
Complete Level 5
Complete Level 8
Complete Level 9
Complete Level 12
Complete a Run
Unlock V. 1.2b
Unlock V. 2.0
Unlock V. 2.7
Unlock V. 2.5
Unlock V. 1.5
Unlock V. 1.7
Unlock V. 3.0
Unlock V. 3.11
Reach version 6 in a single run
Reach version 12 in a single run
Reach a secret zone
Complete Core with V. 1.0
Use the blaster like no one
Find 16 modules in a single run
Improve the blaster
Complete Core with V. 3.11
Who hacks the hackers?
Great work!
Complete Level 4 with 0.5 of Energy
Back to 1985
A very long BubbleBall
Just a Laser
A new classic
Like a little Tesla
This is not a puzzle
Maybe too short
Improve the alpha
Improve the laser
Reach 500 points in a Run
Or was it a trap?
You've been lucky